Beyond Genetics isn’t just a catchy brand name or catch phrase. Beyond Genetics is a way of life. We set out with the goal of allowing hard working athletes to emphasise their hard work in the weight room, and the dedication to their diet. Our bodybuilding clothing allows you to go beyond your genetics, and look great in, and out of the gym.

The bodybuilding clothing industry & fitness industry has experienced a renaissance in recent years, bringing fitness back to the forefront of today’s pop culture. Beyond Genetics offers a wide range of bodybuilding clothing including, Bodybuilding stringer vests, muscle fit t-shirts & gym hoodies along with recent additions, demanded by you, such as our snapbacks. Beyond Genetics enables you to do just that, to go above and beyond your potential, and bring a touch of style, fashion, backed up by comfort and quality into the gym.



There are many people throughout the UK who are looking to get fit whether it’s by going to the Gym, being involved in a sport or just training at home. Your road to fitness however should always start with your body getting the correct nutrition. That’s where NRGFUEL can help. At NRGFUEL we stock the finest sporting supplements, which are not only very effective, they are affordable too which means building muscle and getting more lean with less fat is totally achievable!

Our innovative, market leading products have seen us rapidly expand to become the place to go for all your sports nutrition needs. We have over 30 years experience in gym management and sports nutrition and we know the importance of the right nutritional supplements for every sport.

NRGFUEL know a thing or two about fitness and we know what works, hence we recommend our products to really help you achieve your goals. The difference between NRGFUEL and other supplement retailers is that NRGFUEL are specialists in fitness, we test all products we sell and back them 100% accordingly. Plus, we offer FREE shipping on EVERY UK order! Now you can’t say fairer than that.


Our beauty salon is situated in Kettering town centre with a parking directly behind the beauty salon. We offer a wide range of beauty treatments here at Tanners Lane combined with our undisputed reputation for service  and friendliness it makes our beauty salon the one to come to.

We have a great team dedicated to making our beauty salon the one that people recommend to friends and family. We are always listening to our clients so we can  add and improve the range of treatments we offer at Tanners Lane.

We believe we have managed to create a unique friendly vibe which is incomparable in Kettering. This is the reason for our broad rage of loyal customers who appreciate our friendly and professional beauty salon.