About me..

Hello and let me introduce myself to you all. You know my name and have probably seen some of my photographs……but you ask yourself who is Liam Jolley? Well, I was born in Northamptonshire in the UK on the 4th August. I have an older sister who I adore and a fantastic mother and father and I can honestly say that we are still a very close knit family, probably even more so now that my new ‘bestie’ has appeared on the scene, Hayden my brilliant nephew, who was born in 2013. I spent my first seven years living in Northamptonshire before moving to a small village in the North Norfolkshire Coastal area.

During my formative years’ sport, especially football played an important part in my life and like most teenage boys I had massive aspirations to become a professional footballer. Although I played for local teams at a very good level the dream of professional football never came to fruition…..but hey the dream was good. Continue reading



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